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Icarus Jet is an industry leading stalwart, giving aircraft owners and flight departments peace of mind in knowing that an established and experienced international team is able to manage and support your aircraft with the highest efficiency.

We provide a comprehensive platform approach to managing and supporting a complete flight operation in one system. With safety being paramount, this program is designed to allow aircraft owners and crews to operate under Icarus Jet's umbrella without restrictions and micromanagement.

With Icarus Jet, aircraft owners gain many privileges and tangible cost saving benefits with our substantial purchasing power advantage on fuel, charter, global handling, maintenance and insurance. We offer a competitive, transparent, and simple approach to fees without hidden percentages or markups.


Icarus Jet is an aircraft and aviation services firm based in Dallas, London and Dubai. Our current Aircraft Management portfolio includes:

Icarus Jet Aircraft Management Portfolio
Aircraft Home Base
Gulf Stream V & Gulf Stream G550 Miami, Florida
Gulf Stream V Van Nuys, California
Challenger 605 Cairo, Egypt
Boeing 737 Lima, Peru
Global 6000 & Challenger 605 Lagos, Nigeria
Boeing 727 & Challenger 601 The Gambia, West Africa

Icarus Jet Team

Our dedicated Aircraft support team is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • TRIP







Icarus Jet will manage trip planning and logistics for all flight activity out of our dispatch operations center. Our dispatch center will be the single point of contact for pre -flight planning, flight following, and post-flight support and a dedicated dispatcher will be assigned to each flight or series of flights to manage the trip all the way through.


Icarus Jet's platform includes a flight risk assessment tool, used to meet the operational and safety needs of flight departments. Our flight risk assessment tool and powerful logistical algorithms are designed to keep you compliant and within the regulations of safe operations. We have built the technology to create real-time conflict and regulatory awareness throughout all aspects of the trip life cycle.


Our dispatch center will work directly with the owner's representatives to ensure all schedule requirements are met, ground services are coordinated, and inflight services are provided as requested and expected. Icarus Jet will arrange any services the owner requests to include, but not be limited to: catering, ground transportation, in-flight entertainment and in-flight services.


To dispatch safe and legal flights, various factors must be taken into consideration. Our sophisticated platform allows your business to stay current with crew training and duty/rest, all aspects of aircraft maintenance, and existing airport limitations.


Fuel requirements for each trip will be analyzed in advance using a fuel tinkering software which will reduce unnecessary fuel uplift by 7% annually. Icarus Jet will determine the most efficient method of fueling.


Our international trip support is designed to include; entry permits, over-flight permits, landing rights, US customs, VIP terminal services, on-ground security, eAPIS filing and security vetting. Collectively, our team speaks Russian, Spanish, Arabic, French and English and we have in-depth global knowledge and experience, ensuring flawless international handling.


An Icarus Jet team member will be assigned to every flight and will be the central point of contact from beginning to end of any flight or series of flights. The assigned Icarus Jet team member will track all flight activity on a flight tracker online and report flight progression as required by the owner.


Increase billing efficiency and time management with Icarus Jet's innovative expense management tools. All expenses are tied to a trip or event to eliminate any guesswork during reconciliation. Flight, aircraft, and general expense tracking becomes a veritable breeze when you make use of our flexible platform.


Easily account for trip expenses entered by remote flight crews or the dispatch and operations team. Users can upload receipts on the go with a tablet or a mobile device. Simply snap a photo of the receipt and upload into the trip record.


Icarus Jet will create a monthly invoice that details all the costs incurred during the preceding month. Icarus Jet's approach is one of total transparency; all operating expenses are passed on at cost and without any mark-up.


In those instances when your aircraft is unavailable due to maintenance or does not meet the requirements for a flight, Icarus Jet can arrange an ARGUS rated charter to meet your needs. Our database houses over 3,000 aircraft globally and on average we beat our competitors charter quotes by 25%.


Icarus Jet offers our clients a comprehensive range of coverage options for your personal and corporate aircraft. We have dedicated ourselves to researching and becoming the true experts in corporate aircraft insurance. We have tied ourselves with the large st insurance brokers in the world enabling us to tailor the insurance needs of all our clients in some of the most difficult regions of the world. We will assist you in acquiring the right insurance in the rapidly changing aviation industry; our client's a sset is our main focus.

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