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July 18, 2022

Private Jet Parking in Greece

Greece is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Therefore, aircraft parking in the Aegean Islands consistently remains the most vied aspect of a private jet charter to Greece...

July 18, 2022

Airport Parking Restrictions in Italy

Italy was once the crown of a great former empire, but today, the nation is a hub for keen tourists and avid fans of history and nature. Private jet charter to Italy..

November 9, 2019

Trip-Support at Nice Airport

Like most airports in the European Union, Nice Cote D'azur LFMN airport is becoming efficient with the addition of A-CDM. General aviation suffers from a lack of slots and runway/airport capacity in..

April 26, 2019

Pakistan Airspace Restrictions

Pakistan has continued a limited opening of its airspace for commercial flights, at the height of tensions with neighboring India that saw both countries carry out air raids inside each other's territories..

April 15, 2019

Dubai International Airport (DXB) Airport Runway Closure

Dubai’s southern runway (RWY 12R/30L) will be closed from Apr 16 to May 30 for Runway Rehabilitation. This project will strengthen and resurface the runway and the adjacent taxiway involving the placement..

February 12, 2019

Trip – Support – NAT OPS – contingency – weather deviation Special…

Hi All, Please allow me to welcome you to our new blog on the NAT High-Level Altitude, changes to contingency and weather deviation procedures, which will go into effect In March of..

February 9, 2019

Aircraft Management- Icarus Jet receives its first Gulfstream V under its full…

Icarus Jet Management Service’s Icarus Jet management has just received another heavy jet under its FAR part 91 fleet. Established in 2011, Icarus Jet was solely a Trip-Support and Jet-A Fuel reseller..

January 31, 2019

Trip-Support- Is it safe to over fly the Iranian airspace?

The dynamic world of geopolitics and private aviation in the western hemisphere is more than simply dizzying. Economies have evolved globally, leaving men no time to dawdle within their workday. Private aircraft..

January 28, 2019

Jet fuel for private Jets

Jet fuel is known as Jet-A, Jet-A1, JP54 or for the Aviation crew members and for the fuelers, just as “Fuel.” A hand gesture from the cockpit with the Thumb pointing towards..

January 13, 2019

Parking Restrictions – EDDM, Munich Airport

Assess it before you attempt it! Munich is one of the world’s leading cities for trade fairs. Some 40 trade fairs for capital goods, consumer goods and new technologies with more than..