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Samos to Mykonos Helicopter Charter

Samos is a beautiful island in the East Agean closer to the West Turkish coast. From June till the end of August, overnight parking is scarce for Private jet charter flights in all Greek islands during the summer months. There are very few airports available to reposition after a passenger drop-off and remain overnight until the pick-up of the passengers. Athens, Greece International airport will only allow 24 hours till 48 hours of overnight parking after a drop-off in Mykonos and Santorini. Please keep the following in mind when traveling from Samos to Mykonos-

  • Flight time on a helicopter flight from Samos to Mykonos is around 35 Minutes.
  • Flight time on a King Air B200 from Samos to Mykonos is around 20 minutes.
  • Flight time on a Piper Navajo from Samos to Mykonos is around 25 minutes.

Mykonos to Samos Helicopter Transfer

Mykonos is the most popular destination in the Cyclades after Santorini. One of the most celebrated islands for celebrities from around the Globe causes the bottleneck traffic of Superyachts and Private airplanes. The charter in Greece in the summer suffers from the deluge of problems, and one of them is the no-parking but drop-off clause at Mykonos. We recommend that after passenger drops off at Mykonos international airport, you reposition the aircraft to Samos, where Icarus trip-Support services can arrange long-term parking for the aircraft.

The Quickest helicopter service from Samos to Mykonos

Whether it is Athens to Samos or Samos to Mykonos, we have charter services that cover the entire Agean Sea. We can curate an air charter or sightseeing tours within a few hours of receiving a call. Please have a look at the following curated helicopters available from Samos and Mykonos.

Helicopters Offered From Mykonos

Give us a quick call at (972) 364-1833 or email charter@old.icarusjet.com for further inquiry.

Greece Helicopter charter destinations

DISCLAIMER: All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. Operators providing services for our clients must meet standards set forth by the FAA / EASA and relevant DGCA for safety, security and service. Icarus Jet does not own or operate aircraft under FAA Part 135 or EASA AOC. Icarus Jet is solely an Air Charter Broker.

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