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Think blue waters, white sand and a fruity drink In your hand ( No one has ever used this Cliche before). Have we got your attention yet? We know that you’ve traveled In a Private Jet before and you don’t need to be educated about the how simple and easy it’s or how expensive it can get. So what are we here for? Well, Icarus Jet has been In Aviation business for more than 6 years now. What we specialize In is all things Aviation. Beginning with the most Important factor, Safety.

AD runway

All our Pilots and Crew Members are Highly professional Aviators who have been certified by the FAA by passing a rigorous Flight test twice a year at one of the most renowned training facilities, using State of the art Level D Simulators. They pass their background check, Drug Test and they have at least 10 Years of experience In the Aviation Industry.

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Now that we have made you feel absolutely comfortable and cozy at 38,000 Feet with your Family and friends headed to Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, or the Greek Islands, Let’s talk about the pricing. We are not selling you a luxury travel. We are simply selling you a priceless commodity called Time. We know that Private Jet travel is not cost effective when compared to a travel on the same route as an Airline, but it shaves the extra 4 hours needed to board and deplane while traveling on an Airline. Those extra 4 hours, they can’t be replaced. You’ve achieved an immense amount of success in your Industry and these days you can buy whatever it’s that you please, but you can’t buy time. Spend those hours with your family and friends. Travel comfortably, safely.

Rest assured, We will take you everywhere!


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Office +1(972)364.1833
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Email – info@old.icarusjet.com

DISCLAIMER: All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. Operators providing services for our clients must meet standards set forth by the FAA / EASA and relevant DGCA for safety, security and service. Icarus Jet does not own or operate aircraft under FAA Part 135 or EASA AOC. Icarus Jet is solely an Air Charter Broker.

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