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Icarus Jet with its International Trip support team, provides an optimized and highly accurate Runway Analysis -Takeoff and Landing performance data, and Weight and balance information for the corporate aviation industry through APG (Aircraft Performance Group). This data satisfies the requirements of most CAA's around the World including the FAA and EASA. Our highly trained dispatchers In our Trip Support ops can assist you in achieving the required performance by guiding you through the analysis and help you in deciding a "Go-No Go" situation. Our dispatchers are well versed with high elevation airports around the world including- Lugano (Italy), Bolzano (Italy), Bouchs (Switzerland) and Aspen, Vail (Colorado).Our services include:

  • Runway Analysis with Integrated Weight and Balance.
  • Driftdown calculation.
  • Special Departure Procedures.

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It doesn't matter if you're a one aircraft/one pilot operation or a large corporation with multiple aircraft; fuel will always be 35% of the operating cost of your aircraft. Let Icarus Jet's expertise and resources cut down your fuel cost substantially.

We are globally available with discounted Jet-A fuel. Icarus Jet is one of the largest reseller of Jet-A. You will not need a fuel card or a credit application to purchase fuel if you use Icarus Jet. One email or phone call to Icarus Jet and the fuel release will be at your destination and in your flight package. Our dispatching team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

When you add fuel tankering to our reduced-cost fuel we can reduce your operating cost by 3 to 7%. Call for a quote today!+1 888 277 7203

" We will take you Everywhere"


Icarus Jet Inc. now represents EcoTankering, a forward-thinking company that has implemented a web-based tankering product that saves users an average of 3-7% in overall annual fuel consumption. This tankering product takes into account all independent variables of your flight plan and lays out your optimal fueling stops to save on money, fuel consumption and time.

Our dispatcher is available to support your tankering needs and will incorporate the program's recommendations to optimize your flight plans. All you have to do is contact Icarus Jet, acquaint us with your trip information and we will send you your personal tankering profile. This profile will tell you exactly how much fuel to convey and will save time and money at every stop.

We like to pass along our expertise to every customer, and that includes fuel management. We love hearing our customers reactions when we show them the time and money they'll save with our Fuel Tankering Profile. Give usa chance to delight you and request a quote for your next trip today!



Permit types available through Icarus Jet:

  • Non-scheduled Overflight Permit
  • Non-scheduled Landing Permit
  • Scheduled Airline Overflight Permit (Season Block)
  • Diplomatic Clearance / Diplomatic Overflight and Landing Permit

Simply call or email us to have an application made on your behalf. Same day or expedited service is available depending on the type of flight. We specialize in arranging emergency or last minute permits. We would appreciate a 24 hour notice, but in most cases we can accomplish the mission in critical time.

  • Aircraft Certificate of Registration
  • Aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness (if restricted please supply details)
  • Insurance Certificate (showing worldwide coverage or country specific coverage)
  • Pilot License and Medical

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Tax laws and regulations are difficult to decipher and can be complex. Through Icarus Jet you have answers to your questions. We are here to support you and your flight department, minimize your tax payments throughout the European Union and make a substantial tax recovery. Our tax services:

  • Tax Planning
  • Recovery of VAT and MOT
  • Recovery for private and charter flights
Value Added Tax (VAT) Recovery

As a reseller of Jet-A fuel through World Fuel Services, we can take care of all your invoices and make sure that all of the appropriate refunds are made on VAT/MOT. We can take care of your Swiss MOT and French TIPP. Icarus Jet will get you upfront tax exemption in many EU countries.

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